Implementation planning meeting, Glasgow

5th May – 7th May

After flight cancellations and a long , albeit picturesque journey up to Glasgow, the Cambridge team made it up to HATII last Wednesday and had a very productive two days.

The  objectives of our visit were to:

  • Discuss and compare Glasgow’s findings with those from the Cambridge requirements gathering phase.
  • Agree on a number of recommendations to address the key issues and concerns identified.
  • Agree on format and content of the presentation at the JISC programme meeting on the 17th.
  • Make a start on producing a report, outlining our findings, recommendations and implemenation plan.

When we left to catch our flights on Friday evening (the ash thankfully no longer an issue) we had achieved all of the above..Phew..

An  interesting outcome from our discussions that’s worth mentioning is that it had been envisaged that there might be (some) different concerns or issues between institutions  and disciplines – but in reality, few were noted from the requirements gathering. Rather, it seems that, it is actually an issue of available resources (e.g. practical guidance and training) and technical infrastucture.

The Incremental project believes it can most helpfully address the former, whilst acknowledging that the provision of resources sits within a wider, long term goal of  developing a conprehensive data management infrastructure.


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