More new staff for Incremental

June 29, 2010

Hi I’m Kellie and along with Laura I’m a new addition to the Incremental team at HATII, University of Glasgow. Prior to joining Incremental I worked on the Planets project for four years, planning, organising and evaluating the training programme and alongside Laura managing the successful delivery of the ‘Digital Preservation – the Planets Way’ series of events. I was also involved in two qualitative research workpackages for the project which explored the ways users work with digital collections and future usage scenarios. A Chartered Librarian by trade, I’ve worked in a variety of sectors including higher education, local government and specialist libraries before deciding to join the digital preservation and curation research sphere.


New staff join ‘Incremental’

June 28, 2010

I’m Laura and I’ve just joined the Incremental project team, where I’m delighted to be working alongside Sarah and Kellie at HATII, University of Glasgow, as well as Catharine and Lesley at Cambridge.  My previous experience in information preservation research was on the Planets project (, where Kellie and I worked on delivering the outreach and training events, educating librarians, archivists and technical people about Planets tools and services for digital preservation.

I was also a member of staff of the Performing Arts centre of the late, lamented Arts and Humanities Data Service, along with Sarah.  I keep that particular flame alive by continuing to obsess about the preservation of live performance.

My profile is available at