Seminar on ‘Personal Data, Public Knowledge and Research Ethics. Slides now available

The drive to make research data accessible to the widest possible scholarly community through archiving and data-sharing mandates proposed by funding bodies and academic journals, raises new ethical, technical and methodological challenges.

On the 19th January 2011, the Incremental project and the Cambridge Digital Humanities Network ran a seminar on “Personal Data, Public Knowledge and Research Ethics”.

This seminar provided an opportunity for researchers, research co-ordinators, and data managers to discuss their experiences in finding practical ways of dealing with issues of consent, confidentiality, research design and relations with stakeholders.

We had two great speakers:

Dr Louise Corti from the UKDA, who talked about the support that the UKDA offers, as a repository for the social sciences and humanities; and the various aspects that researchers need to plan for when managing sensitive data, to ensure their data can be archived, shared and reused in the long term.

and Dr Libby Bishop from the UKDA/University of Leeds who talked about the Timescapes project, a qualitative longitudinal study which  explores how personal and family relationships develop and change over time.

Libby highlighted the challenges of managing longitudinal data, and the considerations, both ethical and practical, the team had, and are continuing to make, regarding data sharing and re-use of the data.

The Incremental project will be developing online resources from this seminar, including the creation of audio slideshows and Q&A videos with our speakers. We will be adding these resources to our data management guidance pages over the next few weeks, so please keep an eye out!


2 Responses to Seminar on ‘Personal Data, Public Knowledge and Research Ethics. Slides now available

  1. movies4vn says:


    […]Seminar on ‘Personal Data, Public Knowledge and Research Ethics. Slides now available « Incremental Project Blog[…]…

  2. Dla domowników będzie to miało kluczową sprawę. Spotykając się z architektem, konieczne jest ustalenie wszystkich najważniejszych elementów, bez których niemożliwe jest przygotowanie planu budowy.

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