Passing on data management skills

In the training session of the MRD International workshop we heard from the five RDMTrain projects and DaMSSI – the support project led by DCC and RIN.

All five projects are producing discipline-specific training materials targeted at postgraduate researchers and PhD students.  The disciplines covered are:
(n.b. project name and contact person in brackets)

  • Creative arts (CAiRO – Stephen Gray)
  • Archaeology (DataTrain – Lindsay Lloyd-Smith)
  • Anthropology (DataTrain – Irene Peano)
  • Social science (MANTRA – Cuna Ekmekcioglu)
  • Geoscience (MANTRA – Cuna)
  • Psychology (DMTpsych – Richard Plant & MANTRA – Cuna)
  • Public health (DATUM – Julie McLeod)

They’re delivering varied lengths and formats of course: a 5-day summer school (CAiRO); 4-6 fortnightly modules / lectures (DataTrain archaeology, DATUM and DMTpsych); a one day interactive workshop (DataTrain anthropology); and eight online learning units (MANTRA).

The projects are typically tying their provision in with existing postgraduate research methods courses.  MANTRA will become part of the University of Edinburgh’s Transkills programme.

Concerns were raised about the volume of information out there and the need to keep courses light and interesting (as data management is often considered to be dull!)  Projects are re-telling anecdotes and horror stories, as well as focusing on breakout exercises and discussion so learning is centred around the student experience.

Some highlights and take home messages from the presentations:

  • CAiRO’s “Arts vs science: death-match” slide gave an insight into how arts research is different to science (and what implications this has on training)
  • DataTrain courses are led by recent PhDs, as they’re more in tune with students (also felt to be a more sustainable model)
  • DATUM project has put together a custom Google search of useful DM training sources
  • DMTpsych found researchers preferred printed DMP guidance so they could read offline (in the bath!) and discuss ideas to decide what to include in plan
  • MANTRA is licensing all content as attribution only for widest re-use – respect!
  • Transferable skills are a key focus of DaMSSI.  They’re working with professional bodies to endorse career profiles, which show data management skills are useful in all walks of life.

All these project run until July 2011.  Find out more on the JISC MRD programme page


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