Team building with buns

July 16, 2010
Incremental team

the Incremental team

Monday 12th July saw a jolting 5am start to catch the early flight down to London. Laura had been over in Vienna for the Planets project review so we met at Stansted for a coffee to bring us all round. A quick train ride, hotel drop and jaunt through Cambridge town centre got us to the Uni Library raring to go. So, the plan for the two days:

  • review the resources we’ve uncovered so far to identify gaps;
  • consider models we could learn from to produce clear, meaningful, easy-to-find support and guidance;
  • start to formulate the structure and content of the webpages;
  • plan evaluation and dissemination activities;
  • and a chance for Kellie to meet the rest of the team!

Most of the reviewing and initial brainstorming was achieved on day one, but it was on Tuesday that we got real progress – not least because we had a helping hand 😉 Morning sustenance came in the form of Chelsea buns, as recommended by Cambridge-beau Stephen Fry. Just look at the picture – mmmm!

Chelsea buns

Fitzbillies' Chelsea buns

We picked them up on the way in – just about managing to drag Laura from Fitzbillies before she pressed them for his address (they deliver his favourite buns direct). Fully charged, we ploughed ahead and agreed an initial structure, as well as the content and text for the homepage, allowing us to split up the next tasks. A first mock-up won’t be too long coming, so watch this space!

There was lots of useful discussion in-between on how to make sure what we develop really does match up with what users want. We’re mindful to check that what researchers have expressed and what we’ve understood matches in reality (cue ongoing evaluation through observation and iterative development). Spreading the word (and as you’ll see from Laura’s vocab post, quite what word(s) is a moot point!) both by engaging with users and reaching out to service providers through advocacy is key. Like the DCC, we’re trying to assume a bridging, mediation role in which we pull together and position guidance and support so people can utilise it to the full. We’re also keen to embed messages in existing training and make sure that training is available when and how researchers need it. There’s a lot of DCC training and Planets resources we can build on here.

So, lots to do. Better crack on…